I could Tweet like a bird

I’m getting the hang of my twit twit account and I like my background image https://twitter.com/powerbookhub. For me I guess twitter is perhaps the simplest media tool of them all that’s the reason why it’s taking the online world by storm. I should say I could tweet now less than 140 characters which is less than my lovebirds tweets and squacks.




Spider Web


I took a photo of  this little creature while he’s  busy building his web.  This  spider has  taught  me  a few lessons in life.  They build webs by working non-stop and diligently until they created their own masterpiece- its a nature work of art.  If their web is destroyed they start spinning again and again.  This is also the same when we want to build our wonderful web in our life  which is our dreams. We have to work with perseverance and dont’ make any challenges and trials hold us back.  Keep moving forward until our dreams becomes a reality.

State Library of NSW

Finally, last Friday I received my library card from State Library of NSW after 2 weeks of waiting. I was so delighted and with excitement I went off on rainy Sunday afternoon. The massive library was so impressive. My visit will help me complete my Assessment 1 as I collected much of their brochures as reference for the project. Here are some of my photos to share.











Facebook for Libraries

Facebook has already dominated our lives for the past several years now. Most of us log in everyday and spend 30 mins to more than hours. This social network stay us connected with friends and families. This is also a tool to enable to bond and bridge people. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg!

From our past lesson last 18th Feb 2013 Bonnie, discussed that this social network site also benefit the libraries and us. Library can connect with the community online and also interact with them. It is an easy access for the community to know the upcoming library-related events and activities, important library news update and links to interesting and useful information about the libraries.